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Scooby2 Platform for Image Sensor Analysis

Scooby2 Platform™ is an advanced modular platform for evaluating the performance of MIPI (CSI2) & SMIA (CCP) compliant mobile image sensors. Scooby2 is software compatible with previous generations of Atra Vision Inc.'s Scooby devices. This enables designers with prior experience with ScoobyV1.X to start using the new platform immediately.

Scooby2: Solid Construction, Modular Design



Main Uses

  • BER (Bit Error Rate) analysis
  • CRC Checker
  • HAMming error checker
  • CSI2 and CCP protocol errors
  • Framing error-checking (inconsistent # pix/line or # lines/frame)
  • Comprehensive analog supply control and monitoring, including uA range for leakage and instantaneous current measurements (scope function)
  • Flexible and stable clock generator for sensor
  • Comprehensive control of CCI (Camera Control I2C) interface. Frequency, duty cycle, clock to data timings, etc.
  • Internal thermometer
  • Powerful scripting language to trap streaming events and control internal Scooby2 functions
  • Extraction of packet headers, short packets, embedded data from image data stream.

Scooby2 Features

  • 32-pin Sensor Module socket
  • Direct interface to SMIA and 4-lane MIPI sensors
  • On-board Real time processing with Virtex5 FPGA and ARM9 processor
  • 2GB DDR Image Buffer
  • PLL programmable Sensor Clock
  • Real-Time Protocol checking
  • Multiple Programmable Voltage Power Supplies with active and leakage current measurements
  • Additional Auxiliary Programmable Voltage Power Supplies
  • Complete SMIA-compliant CCI interface with programmable timing parameters, voltage levels and pull-up resistor values.
  • External sensor clock input
  • Create event on particular line within an image frame
  • User-programmable power control sequence
  • Expansion port for high speed interface
  • Capability to add ISP engine
  • Digital IO interface module with: I2C , SPI, RS232 and general IO signals
  • 800Mbs IEEE 1394b interface with host PC
  • New and improved ScoobyAPI software interface with additional LUA real time scripting language support
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) available as a separate item
  • Development / host system OS compatibility: Windows XP or Windows 7 32 or 64 bit; FireWire 1394 port S400 or S800 (recommended).

Additonal Info

Visit the Resources section for more documentation.

Previous Model

Click here for more information on ScoobyV1.6.

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ATRA Vision Inc. announces its Scooby2 test system platform is now available. Please contact Atra for additional information.

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